Monday, December 30, 2013

Simply Saline Review

I was introduced to Simply Saline at BlogHer this past summer and they recently sent us some products to review! 
I have to say that the idea of sticking something up your nose and spraying isn't that appealing to me. In September my daughter started having nose bleeds almost daily. At school...at home...outside...any where without warning! So someone had mentioned to me that we should try out a spray for her and I remembered that I had grabbed one earlier that summer. We tried it out and after 3 days she had no more problems. We continued to spray her nose daily for about a week and we've been doing it as needed since then...mostly when she thinks her nose is starting to feel dry to hopefully not get to the point of nose bleeds again! 

There are several specific Simply Saline Spray products as well! You can also find Allergy & Sinus Relief, Extra Strength Nighttime Formula with Eucalyptus, Children's Cold Formula plus Moisturizers or Cold Formula plus Menthol.

They also have other Simply Saline Products that are not sprays ~ Baby Nasal Relief, Baby Swabs, Baby Moisturizer plus Aloe Vera, Nedi Pot Kit and Refills.

All Simply Saline Products are drug-free and all natural. It's made with water and salt so you don't have to worry about mixing meds or anything. It can be use as like a booster with your regular cold or allergy medications. Recommended that you don't share it with anyone else. If more than one person suffers with nose problems it's best to have one for each person rather than sharing it. And you can use as needed so you don't have to wait until you start to feel dry!

You'll definitely find it in my medicine cabinet from here on out! If you have a little one who gets nose bleeds from time to time this might be something to try out to try to prevent them! I definitely had no idea about any of this until my daughter started to get them. 

**I was provided with Simply Saline products to help with this review. All opinions expressed in this post are purely my own and to not reflect those of anyone else. Any medical claims made are my own opinions and experience with the product and you may not have the same results and are strongly recommended to check out labels and FAQs for yourself...just like with any medical products.**

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