Monday, January 6, 2014

Free 100 Page Photobook

Ugh I am horrible with pictures. Great at taking pictures and getting that memory but really bad taking my phone or my digital camera to the store to get the pictures off from there! Groovebook may be my answer to make this bad habit into a good one! And keep reading because we'll let you know how to get a FREE book ~ maybe a Christmas gift for Grandma and Grandpa?

What's Groovebook?
It's a FREE app that lets you choose 100 photos from your phone and they'll put them all into a book for you! Printed on high quality photo stock and the book has tear out pages so if you are looking to frame pictures or put certain ones into an album you can do so. 

How does it work? 
Download the app for iPhone or Android. And you'll need to remember the code CLAIRSGROOVE. Once you have the app on your phone choose your 100 photos to put into your book. Your first book is complete FREE and is exclusive to our fans only! Remember the code above?? After your first book, you pay only $2.99 a month for shipping and processing. Which you can cancel at any time or use the subscription as you need (like me we don't do enough to take 100 pictures a month...)

The app will also show you and mark pictures that you've uploaded but have used in previous books and you also have the option to add the same picture inside of the books so that you have the duplicates to share! And if you need an extra book there are options for that as well! 

What a great time to check them out right now! All those holiday photos that you just took need a place to go! And with  CLAIRSGROOVE your first book including shipping is free!

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