Thursday, February 6, 2014

$2.00 T-Shirt Blow Outs

Crazy Dog Tshirts is currently running a mystery special! You can get $2.00 mystery shirts! And someone each day who orders is selected to win a $25 gift card so that's the chance to win more! Click on the picture below and do a search to find them in the store and then grab up your mystery shirts before they are gone! This blow out sale is over on Friday!
Some of the bigger size shirts may be an additional $2.00 but for shirts that normally cost $19.99 it's still a steal! Happy Shopping!

Leah Shumack is the voice behind Clair's Freebies. Born and raised in ski country Western NY where I still live today with my beautiful 8 year old daughter. When I'm not tending to her or out scoping deals I enjoy entering giveaways and trying out new things in the kitchen!


  1. My hubby and I live in t-shirts. Love the variety that this company offers. Thanks for sharing.

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