Tuesday, October 7, 2014

LifeTouch School Picture Savings Codes

Is it School Picture time? Our schools use LifeTouch for their photographs in both the spring and fall for pictures and they do a really nice job! I came across some codes that will help put a little more money back into your pockets during picture time because lets face it they are pretty expensive! 

There is a 10% and a 20% off code depending on your purchase order. 
Use the code 10forany to save 10% off of your purchase
Use the code BONUS10 to save 10% off of your purchase
Use the code 20for40 to save 20% off a $40 purchase

This only works if you do a prepaid online order. Head over to their website ~ mylifetouch.com and enter in your class picture day code given on your order paper. Use the code at the end after you've come up with your order and it'll come off your total price. Pay for the pictures and you're all set! I did up an order and my code went right in! 

There are some schools where prepaying online is not allowed but it seems like if you are able to do it the codes should be good for you! Who doesn't want to save a little extra money? 

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