Monday, November 3, 2014

Tea Collections New Holiday Styles & 10% off

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Tea Collection is starting to feel the holiday spirit! With Tea Collection’s New Holiday Styles for Girls and Tea Collection’s New Holiday Styles for Boys! I love the holidays it gives us a time to get dressed up and see our friends and family! We usually do a little get together on Christmas Eve each year and that's our time to get all dolled up and play hostess! My daughter is so excited when she gets to pick out her dress every year! 

If you are already on the lookout for some new clothes make sure you check out Tea Collection! Whether it's for that holiday family picture or dressing nice for Thanksgiving dinner with the family they will have something you are bound to love! And you'll get 10% off your purchase! Not too bad on your holiday shopping money too! 

Click on the picture below to check out all the styles! 

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