Monday, February 2, 2015

Dr. Seuss Party Theme Ideas

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Dr. Seuss is still part of almost everyone's childhood! Whether you are learning to read with the help of the Cat in the Hat or it was graduation day and you were gifted Oh The Places You'll Go...it's still very relative and fun in our lives today! My daughter's school celebrates his birthday (March 2nd) by having a week dedicated to him where they have fun different days for the kids. So it only makes sense that this would be the time to stock up on Dr. Seuss party gear! 
"Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one." -Dr. Seuss 

Oh the places your party will go! This month’s Party of the Month is Dr. Seuss and Birthday Express has everything you need to plan the perfect Dr. Seuss themed party. Here are some of my favorite Dr. Seuss birthday party ideas!

Invitations - Get your guests into the party spirit with these Dr. Seuss Invitations. The package includes 8 invitations with envelopes and features all of my favorite Dr. Seuss characters on the front. 

Party Decor - With the Dr. Seuss Balloon Bouquet and Dr. Seuss Wall Decal Set, your guests will walk in and be transported to Dr. Seuss' world of the Lorax and the Grinch. Start the party off right by giving each guest a Dr. Seuss Cone Hat and Dr. Seuss Blowout when they walk in the door. Mom and dad can also get in the spirit with several adult costumes available at Birthday Express. My favorite is the Adult Cat in the Hat Costume

Food & Drink - The books of Dr. Seuss are filled with great food ideas. Spice up your typical deviled eggs with some green food dye and serve alongside some roast ham to get the classic green eggs and ham. And what better way to serve your party’s green eggs and ham than on the Dr. Seuss Dinner Plates. For dessert, the kids will go crazy for these Dr. Seuss Cupcake Wrapper and Box Kits. Each kid can get their own present with these individually wrapped boxes. You can either make a Dr. Seuss themed cupcake or buy some from the store and change out the wrappers.

Leah Shumack is the voice behind Clair's Freebies. Born and raised in ski country Western NY where I still live today with my beautiful 8 year old daughter. When I'm not tending to her or out scoping deals I enjoy entering giveaways and trying out new things in the kitchen!


  1. We exposed our kids to Dr Seuss for the first time this year with the Grinch Christmas special. The books are harder to find than I would have imagined.

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