Thursday, February 26, 2015

Our #DisneySide Party

A few months ago we found out that we were chosen to host a #DisneySide @Home Celebration and couldn't have been more excited! We waited very patiently for our box and started to gather ideas. I was given a box geared towards tweens/teens with a Disney Villains theme. The more I tried to find information it seemed it was everything Malificent so we embraced the theme of DisneySide and wanted to show all things Disney! And of course I couldn't wait to share all the fun and food we had with you! 

There is a group where other hosts join together and it's pretty overwhelming with the ideas flowing from all directions. I think I took about 2 weeks to get my planning and shopping done for everything (lists, lists lists!) Once I had the menu planned I could start the food shopping and getting things to avoid forgetting at the last minute. Otherwise the Dollar Tree was my best friend. While we got a few plates, cups and a tablecloth inside of the box I wanted more supplies for the party. Dollar Tree had the black and purple streamers and tablecloths for decoration, black plastic cutlery and plates and of course prizes and goody bag supplies. The box is definitely enough for you to hold a party without having to purchase more but I don't get a chance to play hostess that much so I went out and had fun so that all of us would have more fun! And I'm always going to be a big Disney kid at heart! 

Now onto the party fun! 

Our guests arrived and we had Rapunzel and Minnie Mouse and lots of littles showing their DisneySide wearing souvenirs while visiting Disney or showing off their favorite characters on their shirts! Everyone started off with a word search that was provided in the box. Once all of our guests arrived the kids headed off to play Pin the Smile on Mickey (also inside of the box) and the moms hung back and we started our own ongoing game of Disney Hedbanz. We punched holes into the cards of the game and placed them on ribbons that were worn like backwards necklaces. The moms could ask other moms or kids throughout the party to try to guess who they were and once they guessed they received a new card with a new character. At the end of the party whoever collected the most cards won a prize! 

We then brought everyone back together where we split into two teams (4 adults and 5 kids for each team) who were going to duke it out during Disney Trivia. There was a trivia game included in our box but if you haven't ever been to Disney in person the game is pretty hard. I've never been yet (someday!) and just started to gather my own trivia questions to use. I gave each team a dry erase board and marker and we had the adults alternating the writing of the answers during the game. While there was not any official score it did have some pretty serious competition going on! I had questions that were for kids only and other questions (a little harder and some a lot harder) that were open for everyone and who doesn't like a good speed round to end it? 
COMING SOON ~ I'll share the questions that I used during our Disney Trivia game in a post later this week!

You're going to see how much of a Pinterest junkie I can be in the next few parts because it's all about the craft and the food! I love crafting. We have a little cup of all of the ideas of things the girls want to make so when we do a craft they can pick out what we are going to try next. We had done this craft once in the past and it worked out really well and thought it would go well during the party with all the girls. Plus I needed something to kinda distract everyone while we ducked into the kitchen to get our hot food into the oven so it would be hot for us to eat! We got all of the girls ready to make some Princess Slime! Really such an easy craft that takes about 15 minutes to create and they'll play with it for days after. 
COMING SOON ~ Find out how to make your own Slime in a post later this week! 

Once we cleaned up the slime it was time to eat! Our menu was all things Disney and featured The Grey Stuff from Beauty & the Beast, Aliens from Toy Story, Witches Brew from Hocus Pocus, Elsa Wands, Mickey Sandwiches, Poisoned Apples, Stone Trolls Sausage Cheese Balls, Ariel's Friends and so much more! 
COMING SOON ~ Our full menu with pictures and some recipes! 

After we ate I got to talk ClairsFreebies, Coupons and Scentsy with the moms and the kids went to play Disney Bingo (from our box) and the real Disney Hedbanz game. It wasn't too much later that it was time to get our winners some prizes and hand out goody bags as our party was coming to an end. 

One of the ideas I had seen very early on was to create a Disney Fund for each of the families attending the party to take home with them as a party favor. The containers were purchased at the Dollar Tree. The party wouldn't be complete without Mickey Mouse showing up all over too right? I purchased the Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter off from Amazon for $1.59 which I used throughout the party including on these! Just in case someone didn't want to use it as their Disney Fund I also used Chalkboard Contact Paper so someone could change the name on the label. 

When all was done we had a bunch of Disney kids big and small leaving with a smile on their face. I had so much fun hosting this party and hanging out with everyone. A huge thank you to MomSelect and Disney Side @Home Celebrations for selecting us to participate! I am looking forward to the chance to do another one again! 

**A box was supplied to me from Disney Side @Home Celebrations for free in return for hosting a party. All opinions expressed in this post are purely my own and do not reflect those of anyone else.**

Leah Shumack is the voice behind Clair's Freebies. Born and raised in ski country Western NY where I still live today with my beautiful 8 year old daughter. When I'm not tending to her or out scoping deals I enjoy entering giveaways and trying out new things in the kitchen!


  1. Looks like it was a lot of fun, nice decorations :)

  2. This looks like a blast! We love doing things like this. I may have to steal this idea :)