Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Complete Series DVD Review

I am a child of the 80s who grew up in the 90s and I remember the Power Rangers from when the show first started! Having the chance to review Power Rangers Lost Galaxy DVD Set from Shout! Factory and share something else from my childhood with my daughter wasn't something I was going to pass up! 

You'll get over 15 hours on this 5 DVD set because it's the complete series including all 45 episodes! 

"The massive spaceship Terra Venture represents mankind's greatest accomplishment. The giant spacecraft hosts multiple habitat domes with diverse environments ranging from a lake to a mountain range -- even a dome with a sprawling city inside -- as it takes thousands of human pioneers deep into space to settle a new world. Along the way they are stalked by dangerous aliens led by the insect-like villain Scorpius and his daughter Trakeena. Rising to protect the colony ship and its many inhabitants, a team of Power Rangers from different walks of life unites to become the Galaxy Rangers." 

The Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Complete Series was released on March 10th anywhere DVDs are sold with a release price of $19.99. We found it on Amazon for $14.99 today! 

Released in 1993 it quickly grew in popularity! Here we are over 20 years later and it's still around today bringing more fans who love to pretend to morph into their own characters! Who wasn't trying to recreate their favorite Power Ranger's moves in the backyard?

My daughter pretends to be the Pink Power Ranger! She likes how the stories end with the good guys winning and finding out how to be chosen as a Power Ranger! Why not pick one up and add it to the family movie pile or inside of the kids Easter baskets? 
** I received a copy of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy from Shout! Factory in return for this post. I will only post what I believe is a good fit for my readers. Any and all opinions expressed in this post are purely my own and do not reflect those of anyone else.**

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