Thursday, June 25, 2015

DIY Super Mario Yoshi Eggs

I have a big series of posts that will be coming up over the next month that all have to do with a Super Mario themed party! We have been creating a Super Mario Scavenger Hunt for the kids to do during the party and of course have lots of Mario food! Her party is this weekend but why not put up a teaser beforehand? 

Of course I had to patrol Pinterest looking for ideas of how to do things that weren't over the top time consuming or going to cost a ton of money. And it helped that we started planning the party back in March. First on the list for the scavenger hunt was what would it be that they are searching for? Yoshi Eggs are something simple and fun and the kids would be able to recognize them. 

Right after Easter we went and cleared out any Easter Eggs that we could find. Using the colors of our three teams (red, green and blue) we tossed around several ideas of how to make the dots. Paint? Liquid Chalk? Bingo Dauber? Then decided to go to my second favorite website to search...Amazon! I came across these white dot stickers in a variety of sizes. Best guess after seeing all the sizes, I picked the 1/2" and they turned out perfectly!!

We made about 60 eggs total. There isn't really any wrong way to make them...just make sure that your dots are spaced out as evenly as you can. It was a learning process as the first few eggs probably have a few more/less dots until we seen what looks the best. There is about 15 stickers per egg. 

There you have it! Super easy Yoshi Eggs. All the eggs took us about 20 minutes from start to finish. The longest time was getting these little stickers off from the paper backing! 

We plan on having a blow up pool of balloons, more eggs, foam pieces and a lot more where the kids are going to have to search for their eggs during the scavenger hunt. 

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