Friday, July 3, 2015

DIY Super Mario Party Balloons

We had my daughter's Super Mario themed birthday party last weekend and even though it was rainy and cold the kids had a ton of fun with everything! I'm still composing more of the food photos but wanted to do another edition of the DIY Super Mario Party! This one is all about the balloons. 

Of course you can purchase the Mario balloons which are really expensive for like 5 balloons on any of the birthday party sites or Amazon. We wanted to do a little cheaper but still have lots of balloons to decorate with and we needed them for the scavenger hunt pointers. 

The main balloon we decorated with was the star. We picked these up at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 each - and they generally have about 5 different star colors to choose from. We found out quickly that Sharpie Marker doesn't work to create the eyes but adding on some black duct tape or colored in black pieces of paper quickly turn it into a star balloon to a Mario balloon! 

The Chain Chomps we used for a game during the scavenger hunt. The kids needed to pop the balloon any way they could. Our Pinterest score would be pretty low as we couldn't seem to get these guy to turn out very well but used them nonetheless. The balloons we had also purchased from the Dollar Tree as they have a color selection of balloons in the party section. We did notice that some of the balloons had weaker spots in them and had some balloons pop on us as we were trying to draw on faces with a Sharpie. After scaring ourselves a few times we decided to start drawing on paper and taping the faces onto the balloon. 

The Boo Ghosts took a little more time to get each one done but the kids really loved them! We started by drawing the eyes and mouth and then it really starts to take shape when you fill it in. I have zero artistic ability but can trace and color when someone starts it off. My friend did a rough draft and I just had to fill in. I think they turned out pretty good! The white balloons we were also able to get from the Dollar Tree. 

The enemies were used for the Pop The Enemy Game during the scavenger hunt. We had considered other enemies to do too but ended up only doing the two. We had planned to do the Goombas but were unable to find any brown balloons. Also a green or red balloon with a little decoration can easily become a Koopa! 

There you have it. Total we did 12 Chain Chomps, 12 Boo Ghosts for the scavenger hunt to be popped. For decorations we did 15 Boo Ghosts and 5 Star Balloons which we had the store put helium in. 44 balloons for decorating and it cost me more to get the helium put in than the balloons. Was about $15 for everything. Compared to $6.95 for a 5 pack of Mario Themed Balloons we did pretty good!  

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